Getting started

Using oemof-flexmex

Installing the latest (dev) version

Clone oemof-flexmex from github:

git clone

Now you can install your local version of oemof-flexmex using pip:

pip install -e <path/to/oemof-flexmex/root/dir>


  1. To use oemof-solph, the core of oemof-flexmex, a LP/MILP solver must be installed. To use the CBC solver install the coinor-cbc package:

    apt-get install coinor-cbc

    cbc is the default solver. If you chose a different solver, you need to adapt it in oemof_flexmex/

  2. oemof-flexmex needs oemof-tabular for data preprocessing. Please install the dev version from github rather than installing from PyPi/pip.

    git clone
    cd oemof-tabular/
    git checkout dev
    pip install -e ./

(for further installing issues and their solution, see

Required data

Not provided with the github repository:

This data is planned to be published at a later point in time by the project FlexMex.

Contributing to oemof-flexmex

The project FlexMex, for which this model has been built, is completed and the model is no longer maintained. You are welcome to contribute to a different project within the oemof community.